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Welcome to ARA Med Spa, your sanctuary for advanced aesthetic care in Beverly Hills. At ARA Med Spa, founded by the distinguished Dr. Sarah Khan, we prioritize your natural beauty with advanced treatments designed to enhance your appearance. Each therapy, from rejuvenating facials to transformative skincare regimens, is customized to meet your needs, ensuring results that celebrate your unique features.

— Dr. Sarah Khan

Our Services

ARA Luxury Facials offers a range of specialized treatments customized to meet different skin needs: The ARA Brightening Luxury Facial, The ARA Clearing Luxury Facial, The ARA Age-Defying Luxury Facial, and The ARA Hydrating Luxury Facial.
Chemical Peels, such as those offered by SkinCeuticals, are treatments designed to improve skin appearance by applying a chemical solution that causes the old, damaged outer layers of skin to peel away. This process reveals fresher, smoother skin beneath.

HydraFacial is a skincare service combining cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, hydration, and antioxidant protection in one process. This treatment is designed to clear dead skin cells and extract impurities while simultaneously delivering moisturizing serums into the skin.


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