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HydraFacial in Beverly Hills, CA

HydraFacial is a skincare service combining cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, hydration, and antioxidant protection in one process. This treatment is designed to clear dead skin cells and extract impurities while simultaneously delivering moisturizing serums into the skin. HydraFacial is suitable for treating various skin concerns, including fine lines and wrinkles, oily and acne-prone skin, sun damage, and hyperpigmentation. It can be applied to the face, neck, and d√©colletage, offering a customizable skincare solution that addresses multiple issues without causing irritation or downtime. HydraFacial in Beverly Hills, CA, is ideal for individuals of all skin types looking for an immediate improvement in their skin’s appearance. Whether you’re dealing with aging skin, looking to manage oily skin, or hoping to brighten your complexion, HydraFacial offers benefits that can be seen as soon as the treatment is complete. Results are typically visible immediately after the session and can last for several weeks, with regular treatments recommended to maintain optimal skin health.

See the benefits of HydraFacial with ARA Med Spa in Beverly Hills, CA. Our professionals are committed to guiding you toward a brighter, more radiant complexion through personalized treatments. Schedule your consultation with us, and enhance your skin’s natural beauty with HydraFacial.

Areas of treatment include

HydraFacial Platinum

This complete session begins with lymphatic drainage for detoxification, includes a multi-step cleanse and peel, and includes thorough extractions. It concludes with hydration, LED light therapy, and custom-selected serums for targeted skin solutions.

HydraFacial Deluxe

Enhances the standard HydraFacial steps by adding condition-specific boosters. This approach addresses concerns like aging signs or uneven skin tone, providing a focused yet thorough skincare treatment.

HydraFacial Signature

Delivers the foundational HydraFacial experience with key steps of cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, and hydration. It’s streamlined yet effective, ideal for ongoing skin maintenance and health.

Benefits of HydraFacial include


Anyone aiming for better skin health and appearance, regardless of skin type or concern, is a good candidate for HydraFacial.

Results are often visible immediately after your treatment, with skin appearing more refreshed and vibrant.

The effects of a HydraFacial can last several weeks, and regular treatments are recommended to maintain results.
HydraFacial involves no downtime, and side effects are rare, typically limited to slight redness immediately following the treatment.
Avoid using retinol or other exfoliating products a few days before and after your treatment to minimize skin sensitivity.
Expect a relaxing experience as the HydraFacial device hydrates, exfoliates, extracts, and cleanses your skin with minimal discomfort.
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